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Applicant Coaching

Application and integration coaching for career starters

This practice-oriented coaching is aimed specifically at young professionals who are preparing for an upcoming application. In individual exercises you will reflect on your strengths and development potential. Together we will prepare your application documents. You will learn how and where to apply optimally. In interview exercises, you will develop and train quick-witted answers to application questions. Through the conscious use of body language and rhetoric, you will appear confident and convincing. In feedback interviews you will learn how you work (video analysis). Within the framework of this coaching, you will deal with the entire application and selection process. You will then know exactly what is important in a convincing application and how best to behave in job interviews.

Recommended Modules:

Module 01: Application coaching for career starters
Module 03: Interview and Self-Marketing – Presenting and Convincing
Module 04: Assessment Center Coaching
Module 05: Career orientation for career starters
Module 06: Career Coaching – Self-Marketing
Module 07: Self-confidence and assertiveness
Module 08: Body Language Coaching for Career Starters
Module 10: Coaching in the area of application management
Module 11: Application support
Module 12: Application documents check and preparation

All our modules can be flexibly combined and can also be adapted to your individual needs in terms of content and duration.

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