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Applicant Coaching

Integration coaching for long-term job seekers

(100% funded by an activation and placement voucher (AVGS) from your employment agency or job centre)

Finding your own motivation – building self-confidence – finding a job

Together with you, we develop new career perspectives and your individual application strategy in individual coaching sessions.

Long-term job seekers have usually already experienced numerous failures (loss of their job, longer duration of unemployment, lack of recognition, little social-emotional support, unsuccessful applications etc.). Sometimes you have resigned yourself and do not have the necessary prerequisites and strategies to successfully start your professional life again.

Through individual support based on existing skills, we support the integration process of each individual individually and thus enable our participants to return to professional life.

In individual coaching sessions, we specifically address your needs and compile the content and duration of the coaching according to your requirements. We accompany you throughout the entire application process!

Recommended modules:

Module 02: Application coaching for experienced applicants
Module 03: Interview and Self-Marketing – Presenting and Convincing
Module 04: Assessment Center Coaching
Module 05: Career orientation for experienced applicants
Module 06: Career coaching – self-marketing for applicants
Module 07: Self-confidence and assertiveness for applicants
Module 08: Body Language Coaching for Applicants
Module 09: Application coaching 50+
Module 10: Coaching in the area of application management
Module 11: Application support
Module 12: Application documents check and optimization

All our modules can be flexibly combined and can also be adapted to your individual needs in terms of content and duration.

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