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Job application coaching for the professional re-entry after parental leave

This individual coaching is aimed specifically at parents who are looking to re-enter the workforce after parental leave.

Together with the participant we develop a concept to successfully find a job. This includes, among other things, an analysis of the current situation, childcare, and the revision of application documents.

In individual counseling sessions, our coaches analyze personal, professional and career goals with the participants and answer all questions about re-entering the workforce after parental leave.

Through the subsidized coaching program, we accompany you in the search and application phase. You will receive support and advice tailored to your needs, with ad hoc support for all important questions. As a result, you will receive a quick answer even to short-term questions and will be able to solve urgent problems in an uncomplicated manner.

If required, you can bring your children along to the coaching.

  • First action steps for the professional re-entry
  • Identification of the most important life goals
  • Activities since career interruption
  • What is the optimal picture of a job
  • Which secondary conditions must be met for a parent
  • Part-time or full-time?
  • Should I become self-employed with children?
  • How can I combine work & family in a relaxed way?

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • Support in organizing suitable childcare
  • Offers of help and advice
  • How does work fit into the concept of life with a family?
  • Which activities can the parent hand over or who can relieve the parent and to what extent.
  • Time management

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

Well prepared for the new job. Parents who cannot or do not want to implement career re-entry with their previous employer should plan job application situations carefully: for example, by reviewing and updating application documents and preparing for possible critical questions from the employer (“What will you do if your child gets sick?”, “How will you acquire the latest knowledge from the past months?”).

  • An overview of the entire application and selection process
  • Active search for a family-friendly employer
  • Active search for a suitable part-time training position
  • Evaluation of job offers
  • Check and preparation of application documents
  • Adequately presenting family leave in the resume and cover letter
    Tips for dealing with career portals
  • Application types
  • Coaching in the area of application management

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

Even in times of innovative methods, the personal impression in the job interview remains the decisive factor in the personnel selection of many companies. The intensity and quality of one’s own preparations in the run-up to a job interview significantly influence the probability of success. How is it possible to appear confident and sovereign in job interviews and not only to convince the decision-makers of oneself, but also to inspire them? You will practically experience and train the answers to these questions in our exciting job interview coaching.

  • The components of a successful self-presentation
  • Marketing family leave as well as parenthood confidently in the job interview
  • Tips for the optimal job interview
  • Simulation of job interview with the help of video analysis
  • Body language analysis and body language coaching

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

For years, assessment centers have been an established standard for the professional selection of higher and highly qualified personnel – both for career entry and for next career steps within companies and organizations. Our assessment center training is about recognizing the requirements, test procedures and exercises that candidates face in this process and not only learning optimal strategies for successfully passing assessment centers, but also training and implementing them in practice. Experience shows, especially with assessment centers, that those who familiarize themselves with the requirements in good time and prepare in a targeted manner have a clear advantage over their competitors.

  • General information about the Assessment Center
  • Practical training of exercise types (role plays, cooperative games, creative games, post basket exercises, performance tests, case studies, presentation,…)
  • Strategies for success in the Assessment Center

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

You already have professional experience and would like to take up a new profession after parental leave or are about to change your career? This seminar will help you in your search for the “right profession” or the “right job”. In exercises you will explore your strengths, interests and needs. Together we will find out which profession really suits you and promises positive prospects. To this end, you will reflect on the labor market situation and learn about new job profiles. By preparing for various selection procedures, you will optimize your own appearance.

  • What alternative opportunities and career options are there for you?
  • Permanent employment, self-employment… etc.
  • Analysis of the current situation: Where do you come from, where are you today?
  • We identify your most important life goals and prioritize them.
  • What alternative opportunities and career options are there for you?
  • How are these to be evaluated with regard to your own resources, your family and financial situation and your values?

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

Do you perform very well professionally and convince methodically and interpersonally? Now it’s a matter of effectively communicating your individual strengths and making your distinctive contribution to the company’s success visible. In this seminar you will learn how important professional self-marketing is. Discover your unknown potentials and use them for your personal career strategy. Use your strengths in a targeted way to convince employees and superiors of your ideas. Learn how to assess and optimize your own impact on others. The goal of this training is to generate positive attention, radiate competence and arouse sympathy with just a few words. This practice-intensive seminar uses methods and exercises to help you further develop your personal skills, sharpen your distinctive profile and use it specifically to achieve your career goals.

  • Learn effective methods of self-marketing
  • Analysis of strengths and development potential
  • Development of career goals (Karriereplan….)
  • Increase of assertiveness
  • Development of a Unique Selling Proposition
  • How can I stabilize my self-confidence on the job “despite” having a child?
  • How can I stand my ground and assert myself with superiors and colleagues (without children)?
  • How can I assert myself in part-time employment?

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

Act preventively and don’t wait until it’s too late.

In recent years, the term “burnout” has gained a lot of importance in the professional environment. Burnout is much more than a temporary state of exhaustion and being burned out. Burnout prevention means building on personal sources of strength and avoiding energy drain. Energy guzzlers are combated and sources of strength are tapped.

  • Living a work-life balance
  • How can I combine work & family in a relaxed way?
  • Burnout prevention

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

All our modules can be combined flexibly and can also be adapted to your individual needs in terms of content and duration.

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