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Presentation and Moderation Training

In this training you will learn how to professionally set up and implement presentations and moderations.

We show you how to use the appropriate media in a target group-oriented, methodical and situation-related manner and how to efficiently apply presentation and moderation techniques. Your confidence, self-assurance and charisma will also be optimized.

Content Presentation:

  • Content of a presentation
  • Design and structure of a presentation
  • Organization and execution of a presentation
  • Presentation techniques and presentation media
  • Gestures, posture and language
  • Dealing with disturbances and complications
  • Dealing with nervousness

Content Moderation:

  • The role of the moderator
  • Use of media and material
  • Preparation and follow-up
  • Phases of moderation
  • Successfully involving the audience
  • Methods in moderation
  • Visualization methods
  • Questioning and feedback techniques
  • Dealing with difficult situations and participants


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