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The goal of the measure, business start-up consulting and support, is to meet the consulting needs of the founders already in the phases of the business start-up. Together with the founders, we develop a business concept that is economically oriented and viable in the market. This includes among other things the critical examination of the conditions and conceptions of the existence founder.
The business start-up consultation includes the consultation regarding public subsidies.

Within the scope of our AVGS business start-up consulting, we have the possibility to support business start-ups of people who are unemployed or threatened by unemployment. In individual counseling sessions, our coaches analyze the personal, professional and entrepreneurial goals with the participants and answer all questions regarding the business start-up.

  • Initial forecast of the viability for the business start-up. We examine your project. We look at and assess your project from a business and personal point of view.
  • Among the most important things are for example: your personal and professional suitability
  • indications of the need for support
  • an initial forecast of the viability for the business start-up
  • an initial business assessment/ e.g. financing requirements
  • As-is analysis – determination of the state of affairs
  • Brief assessment of preliminary concept
  • Personal requirements
  • Planning
  • Risks of self-employment, reasons for failure

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • Peculiarities of full-time or part-time self-employment
  • What is a freelancer and what is a tradesman?
  • Legal forms and legal issues

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • There is a wide range of funding available. We research suitable measures for you and help you apply for such funds. Those who receive funding usually have to provide regular reports to the funding institutions and prove the implementation of the measure.
  • Subsidies, e.g. start-up subsidy and start-up money
  • Funding
  • Subsidized loans, e.g. via KfW-Mittelstandsbank

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • Insurances
  • Statutory health and pension insurance, unemployment insurance
  • Personal and company insurance (professional and business liability, etc.)

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • Marketing – Offline / Online (e.g. flyer design, website creation, etc.)
  • Marketing support – focus on product and service marketing
  • Support website creation

The marketing of products and services has changed dramatically in recent years. We show you the ways and possibilities how you can address and bind your customers. Especially in this area, the cost-benefit ratio is underestimated by many. Often the wrong media are used, which makes the ratio go quickly to the detriment of the expenses. The timing of promotions or the form are also factors that are important for successful marketing.

  • Website, planning and advice on the practical implementation of an Internet presence (website or store).
    The Internet is irreplaceable for marketing your idea. At the same time, this medium is the most efficient way to acquire customers and present yourself on the market with little effort. We will plan your Internet presence as a website or/and as an Internet store with you and advise you until it is ready for practical use. In many cases, the step into the WWW can be realized by yourself with free open source solutions and without programming implementation services.
  • Optimization of your Internet presence
    You already have a website or an online store. We show you the areas of your internet presence that need improvement and point out how you can optimize it yourself.
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Provision of industry comparison figures (gross profit factors, etc.) You want to know whether your company is on the right track compared to the competition or whether there is still room on the market for your start-up project? We research the necessary data for you and prepare it to suit your project. Through these comparisons you receive trends and these serve as decision templates for the advancement of your enterprise.

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • Taxes / types of taxes (income tax, corporate income tax, trade tax, sales tax)
  • Accounting, determination of profit, operating income and expenses
  • Invoices

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

Registrations (trades, chambers, registers)

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • Business plan (structure and composition) – presentation based on industry-related business plans as sample templates. These sample templates can be individually adapted by you. We will support you in this process – with the aim of creating your own individual business plan. Together with us, you develop or expand your individual business plan, which is precisely adapted to your business idea and your personal framework conditions. A real assessment will be made, which will show you whether your goals and ideas can be realized.
  • Successful development of your own business plan
  • Support with the creation

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • Business plan (cost calculation, sales planning, etc.)
  • Business start-up planning
  • Support with costing
  • Prevention of profitability and liquidity problems

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • Location analysis, customer acquisition, customer relationship
  • Business model canvas
  • Pricing strategies, sales support

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • Identifying the right financing partners (banks, development loans, crowd-funding, etc.)
  • Business plan adaptation
  • Preparation for financing discussion

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

  • Support with personnel planning
    Which specialists do I need, what budget do I have for personnel costs, etc.?

  • Support in the procurement of skilled workers

Through our many years of experience in recruitment and as headhunters, as well as our strong network, we can support you in your search for personnel. But not only the procurement of manpower is important in this point. Suitable specialists can only be found if you can describe their job exactly and prepare it in such a way that potential employees become curious about your company. In this process, we create specified job descriptions and design job advertisements.

Companies should also publish their own job portals and application systems on their own websites for the presentation of vacancies. This way you can make your applicant selection more efficient and at the same time have a professional appearance, which will convince the applicant.

Course completion: Carrier internal certificate

All our modules can be combined flexibly and can also be adapted to your individual needs in terms of content and duration.

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